Toasted by Jungle Fire

"We thought we couldn't get much higher..."

Proof the past and future remain intrinsically linked was recently unearthed during data transfer between TGH’s ancient and modern handsets.

This rare gem – LA latin-funkateers Jungle Fire torching a bitter Tyneside night – had been on the missing list since December.

So rejoice in the return from lost file land of ‘Chalupa’ –  a smoking-hot snippet of Jungle Fire setting Newcastle’s Hoochie Coochie club ablaze.

Witnessing these unassuming gents’ astonishing collective musicianship close up left TGH toasted like a crumpet on a fork.

Jungle Fire are a blast from the past – but they sound like the future…

Listen to Toasted by Jungle Fire
 7 min 42 sec

Includes ‘Soul Fire’ by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

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